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The revolution around the corner…

…is about a lot more than just “apps” and “smartphones.”   When buzzwords get to critical mass, it’s natural for people to start to tune them out.   In this case, the technology behind the terminology — more precisely, the implications of the technology — really are nothing short of astonishing.   It’s more than just “the internet on a phone,” and there’s a good reason media people like us are paying such close attention.   Printing presses, telegraphs, radios and televisions were all disruptive technologies in their day.

For a sense of what’s on the horizon (and for a sense of why this relevant to a lot more than the media business), check out this Wired writeup about Google’s thinking about Android.  An excerpt:

“I don’t think people figured out how much more powerful the mobile devices would become than desktops,” [Google CEO Eric Schmidt] said, referring not to their processors, but for their ability to keep a user connected to the net everywhere and use location to customize the net.



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