The Production Directorate is a revolutionary creative service integrating world-class production, writing and editorial talent.   Every Directorate person has serious experience with flagship media outlets, but we think the brave new media world has more to offer for more people.   It wasn’t long ago that three big networks produced, controlled and distributed almost all of the broadcast content in the United States.   Today, anyone can create broadcast-quality content, reach a sizable audience and have a true conversation with their viewers.   At the same time, we are rapidly headed toward a world where print, video and other media formats evolve into one shared platform.

Change is always disruptive.  We think being in the middle of the revolution is great– it’s an awesome time to be a media professional.

This blog is mostly intended to be a discussion about the brave new media world as it takes shape.   We’ll share interesting items we stumble upon, and we’ll also discuss our own work and talk about where we think things are headed.

Visit our homepage if you get a second: productiondirectorate.com.


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