US Lags Big Time on Broadband: Here’s Why

We agree with Lawrence Lessig about pretty much everything — we’ve written about him here before.    He’s best known for copyright reform advocacy, but his work has a broad range of interests related to the future of creative content.   Reliable, affordable and universal broadband access is critical to that future.  The broadband situation in the United States lags far behind the civilized world, and that has big implications for the American role in the digital revolution.   Everyone knows about Japan and South Korea’s place on the leading edge of communications technology, but even going from, say Paris to New York is like going back in technological time.   We could spill a lot of ink discussing the reasons for this state of affairs and what the implications are, but Lessig’s recent lecture on the state of broadband in the United States at the Storage Networking World (SNG) Conference hits it out of the park, so may we suggest you watch it in its entirety.   Here’s an excerpt of blogger Paul Venezia’s post suggesting the same, titled, “Lawrence Lessig Exposes a Rigged System”:

There’s no way to do justice to his presentation in print. Fortunately, you can watch the whole thing for yourself, and I encourage you to do so right now. It’s nearly an hour long, but worth every minute — seriously… Even the FCC itself seemed to believe that Washington wasn’t ready for a coordinated effort to free us from the shackles of the carriers. No matter the logic, the proof, or the reality of the situation, the companies who pour buckets of money into Washington seem to have it all locked down so tight there’s no room even for discussion.


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