Props to FedEx

Like many of our clients, the Production Directorate is a small business.  We hit the pavement and get the word out about who we are and what we do.   The whole idea behind our business model is that — just like with music, magazines & newspapers, radio & books — the television business is about to go through some serious leveling by the new media revolution.   In other words, if you are a television professional, all of the growth and opportunities are going to be online on an fundamentally different playing field.   Rather than a closed system of supply and demand dictated by the needs of networks, every organization of respectable size needs good video.  This content needs to be just as good and compelling as television.  Being first and foremost a creative firm with an original business model, we choose to develop cool projects that are fun and interesting.

In our experience, when we reach out to potential clients, about half of them understand the value proposition immediately.   Anyone who has a “follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube” link is pretty sure to get it.   The learning curve for the other half can be pretty steep, because it is conceptually different from the role production companies have had for so long.   “If you don’t want to shoot a commercial for us, and you don’t want to do a training video, why are you calling us?” sometimes seems to be the thinking on the other line.    We’ve been trying to find a really good example of a company which has already embraced this concept and put it to work (without our help — that is, an independent proof of concept we can point to).    We have not had much luck until stumbling upon the FedEx Multimedia Center.   Explore, digest and take notes.   And don’t be a stranger.

Here’s a screenshot:


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