Technology: Fear Not

Our core idea is that the entire media landscape is shifting dramatically and that those shifts are ultimately an exciting, liberating force.   But change is painful, and our crystal ball is no more or less accurate than anyone else in trying to predict what is going to happen.

Change is painful for being, among other things, unpredictable.   But as the new world starts to take shape, clever new technologies and solutions are emerging which would not have been possible or even imaginable before.

Check out this writeup in about a new technological framework for intellectual property in the music business.   It can absolutely be argued both ways — we see how this might be a very slippery slope — but if nothing else, it shows that some fresh and clever thinking is starting to happen in otherwise dusty legacy media industries.   An excerpt:

Musicians’ opportunities to sell their recordings may be drying up due to cultural shifts brought on by changing technology, but other aspects of technology are creating a promising new market for music: the licensing of the musical style or personality of recording artists.


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