If you were to build the system from the ground up, would it look like what we have now?

A very good Defamer post on how MGM got to its current precarious state — sea changes change everything, even the most sophisticated structured deals.   To quote:

What they had not counted on was a sea change in DVD sales. In the US alone, MGM’s net receipts from DVDs fell from $140 million in its 2007 fiscal year (which ended March 31, 2008) to just $30.4 million by 2010. As a result of collapsing sales, higher pay-out for participants, increased distribution costs and other problems, MGM’s crucial operating cash flow catastrophically fell from $418.4 million in 2007 to minus $54.2 million by 2010. By October 31, 2009 MGM, sinking in a sea of red ink, found itself unable to make its mandated interest payments on the $3.7 billion it owed banks.


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