Not since Moses has there been such excitement over tablets…

Will Apple’s tablet save print media?   Not sure.   Do we love Apple and depend on its splendid products for our very survival?  Yes of course.   Are we reluctant to add one more entry into a blogosphere running wild with Apple tablet fantasies?   And how!

Enthusiastic speculating creates delicious buzz for Apple, but it seems a little premature in the absence of a product and verifiable facts.   The theme of Apple’s new tablet doing for print media what iTunes did for music pops up a lot, and we’re interested to see if it becomes the game-changer the industry needs.   Here‘s a good article on that question.   To quote:

Apple’s goal is to offer a new platform for content creators to reinvent books, magazines and online content — in addition to offering a new avenue for content producers to make money. That platform will likely be far broader than just a tablet device, and will extend to every device or computer that iTunes touches.


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