Cable Television as the Seer Stone of the Media Business

…or, to put it another way, “If you were going to build this system from the ground-up, would it look anything like the way it looks now?”

The’s Business Channel weighs in with this column about cable companies, broadcast television and revenue.   The conclusion:

But the Web will likely transform this debate for TV as well. Technology appears to be increasingly moving towards a sort of content-agnostic world, where the web will be where we access all forms of media, whether print, radio or TV. So while it’s fine for us to quibble over this latest trend for non-cable TV networks, I suspect it’s just one step in an evolution leading to a new world where all of our media consumption will be very, very different.


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One response to “Cable Television as the Seer Stone of the Media Business

  1. TC

    When a company’s business model is built upon control of a platform rather than providing value, their demise is fait accompli.

    Take a look at the tech industry. Who will supplant Microsoft has the industry giant? Will it be Google? Their strategy isn’t wildly different from Microsoft’s. Google’s approach is to own the data, not the operating system. This is albeit a better asset to own, but I think they will see a similar fate that Microsoft appears to be realizing already.

    So who then has the best shot at ruling the tech world after Google experiences its inevitable demise? I would look at company’s that seems to have a razor sharp focus on providing value, rather than owning an asset that will inevitably become a commodity. Amazon and Apple come to mind. Apple’s focus seems a bit too narrow to narrowly-based, and I’m worried Amazon will get sucked into the same trap that Microsoft is in once their EC2 platform takes off.

    I don’t know much about the media industry, but there appears to be parallels between media and tech.

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