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Longtime CBS newsman Dan Rather’s career with the network ended controversially, but the controversy in question is far more complicated than is generally assumed.   In the end, Rather’s leaving CBS is probably a helpful thing to those of us trying to get a read on the dynamics of legacy media and the terminal decline of old media journalism.

Mediabistro (a site we recommend) has been running a very insightful series called ‘Media Beat,’ and you should check it out.   The most recent two interviews are with Rather.   It’s hard to imagine getting that level of insight from anyone else who has been at that level of that kind of organization for so long.

Another interview to check out is the December 9, “Nick Law on Why Traditional Agencies Need to Start from The Ground Up in Digital.”

It all goes back to that classic business school question, “If you were going to build this system from scratch, would it look like the system we have now?”  Probably not.


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