Ruminations on “Destination Content”

We like to avoid using a lot of jargon and mumbo-jumbo, and a lot of concepts in the new media world (not least of which being the concept of ‘new media’ itself) are sort of fuzzy.   We try to only use those terms that have a specific enough definition to mean something to most readers.   “Destination content” is a critical term which sounds like marketingspeak.   It isn’t.  Here’s a more detailed explanation of what we mean…

People don’t go to YouTube to search for used car commercials.   People do go to YouTube to find a web video series with compelling content.   They also subscribe to video podcasts with regular serialized updates for content they like.   Companies and organizations are now in a position to produce video content just as good as the programming on television and get it to viewers.   Because no one is going to seek out a commercial and check back for regular updates, your organization needs to produce content which is compelling and interesting in its own right.

If you are a luxury car maker, you can produce a series of webisodes/video podcasts about a yacht race — that supports  your brand and image.   If you are  a nonprofit scientific research organization, pair up with an outerwear company to produce webisodes about an expedition in an extreme environment and wear some of their jackets.

This sort of sponsorship has always subsidized media content.   Now there are infinitely more opportunities to be creative, reach a niche audience and genuinely work with the right kind of sponsor to create a true ‘everyone wins’ situation.

Speaking of outdoor companies, Patagonia is a great example of a company with an image and message that transcends the usual marketing styles.   They do an excellent job with new media, especially with their site The Tin Shed.


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