If there is one book that sums up where media is headed…

It is most definitely The Long Tail: Why The Future is Selling Less of More by Chris Anderson.   It has been around for a few years now and had something of a ‘Freakonomics’ quality to it, but its really readable analysis of media economics (which is too complicated to really get into here) has been consistently dead-on.   Basically, the basic equation of supply and demand in media economics has been upended.  Among other things, it is now profitable to produce content that only reaches a niche audience.   The biggest takeaway for us is that the old big media machine model has too many disincentives for high quality content — it has to shoot for the middle of the road to be successful with a large audience.  The new media model is freeing us from those disincentives.   PBS has the best stuff on TV, but it is hardly a ratings juggernaut…. now we’re entering an age where PBS-level quality can be produced profitably — maybe not always for broadcast television, but new ways of doing business are already displacing the ratings juggernaut definition of success in the industry.

Bottom line:  If this stuff is your cup of tea, get the book.


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